Capture ethernet and wifi traffic

How to capture ethernet and 802.11 traffiic at once.

Use a linux OS PC with wlan interface

In a terminal use the following commands:

  • sudo iw dev wlan0 interface add mon0 type monitor
  • sudo ifconfig mon0 up


Start wireshark and select wlan0 and mon0 to capture traffic

If needed you can add a capture filter i.e.:

 ether host 84:3a:4b:d3:2c:1c

 wlan host 84:3a:4b:d3:2c:1c

Don’t forget to sort on Time!

Below you’ll see an example of a DNS request (see marked packets). Trace is taken without a capture filter.


to remove the monitor port:

  • sudo ifconfig mon0 down
  • sudo iw dev mon0 del